Rehoboth Beach Historical Society & Museum 


In Their Own Words: 

Will Burbank and His Family’s Dewey Beach History since 1906


On October 9 at 2:00 p.m., the Rehoboth Beach Museum will continue its series, In Their Own Words, with an on-line presentation of the Oral History of Will Burbank. Mr. Burbank discusses his memories of decades of the Burbank family vacationing in Dewey Beach.


The family purchased land in Dewey Beach in 1906 and still visit regularly. This is a very interesting insight into how people traveled to the beach before the Bay Bridge was constructed, the destruction of the Storm of ’62, and the changes Mr. Burbank and his family have seen to the area over the years. Mr. Burbank will be present to take questions at the end of the program.


The program will consist of airing the edited oral history and a Q&A session with Mr. Burbank.

This will be an online Zoom meeting.  To register and for more information visit, click the button or call (302) 227-7310.

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