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  • The Rehoboth Museum resides in a historic building, the Old Ice House, that played a significant commercial and social role in the development of Rehoboth Beach at the end of the nineteenth century and into the twentieth century.


    During the late nineteenth century, businesses and residents of Rehoboth Beach began using ice to preserve perishable foods and to cool drinks. Ice was cut from Silver Lake during winter months and stored in small, wooden buildings that were heavily insulated with sawdust which would usually be available from May through October. John A. Lingo constructed....READ MORE

  • Since 1974, the Rehoboth Beach Historical Society has operated the Anna Hazzard Tent House as a museum that houses a collection of smaller Rehoboth Beach memorabilia and artifacts. This building is one of the original “tent” houses from the turn-of-the-century “Camp Meeting” religious gatherings in Rehoboth….READ MORE.


    1872    Religious Founders purchased 414 acres for Camp Meeting Grounds.
    1873 The Rehoboth Beach Camp Meeting Association of the Methodist Episcopal Church” chartered.  Summer Camp Meetings begun; boardwalk, hotel and “tent” houses built; Post Office opened.     .....READ MORE
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